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The North Dakota State Data Center, housed within the North Dakota Department of Commerce, serves as the state's liaison to the US Census Bureau and is the state repository of census information.

This site contains general data for North Dakota regarding the decennial census and population estimates released since its completion. If you need more in-depth information than the resources found here, please visit our Contact Us page to submit a data request.

What's New
  • Newsletter for September
With the recently released 2020 Census Redistricting Data, this month's newsletter focuses on what we have learned specific to North Dakota.  See what the data shows by reading this month's newsletter.
  • 2020 Census Redistricting Data

North Dakota reaches another all-time high in population.  The 2020 Census population total for North Dakota is 779,094.  Note that the 2020 Census Redistricting Data was recently released in an easier-to-use format.  See the U.S. Census Bureau press release for details.  North Dakota specific data can be found at this link.

  • 2020 Census Population Totals
Community-level population totals for 2020 are available.  This would include those communities that are incorporated.  See this table for details: 2020 Population Totals by City

County-level population totals are also available for 2020.  The population totals for each county are available in this table.  The totals for the eight regions are also included: 2020 Population Totals by County 

Place-level totals include the incorprated communities and CDPs, or census data places.  They are available in this table: 2020 Population Totals by Place
  • North Dakota Census Office Population Projections of the State, Regions and Counties 2016
This paper provides three scenarios of population change for the state of North Dakota. Each of the scenarios use the same inputs such as fertility rates by age of the mother or life expectancy with the expectation of the rate of migration into or out of a given county, region or the state. This paper is an attempt to present what is expected to be the population of each county, region and the state at the mid-point of each five year interval. See North Dakota Census Office Population Projections of the State, Regions and Counties 2016 for details.
  • Population Change by County
Interesting visual of population growth by county and the source of the change.  Compliments of the US Census Bureau.  Zoom in to more clearly see the change in North Dakota and our neighbors.
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