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Funded Projects

Research ND

Stingray: Integrating Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) Communications Capability into UAS - UND UAS Center of Excellence in partnership with Rockwell Collins was awarded $500,000 to establish a Beyond-Visual Line-of-Sight (BVLOS) test capability for civilian unmanned aircraft systems. This flight test effort will utilize the capabilities of the Northern Plains Unmanned Aircraft Systems Test Site.
Evaluation of the effectiveness of Sports Vision programs in improving performance and health in ND youth athletes - UND Psychology in partnership with Valley Sports Vision was awarded $231,399 to evaluate the effectiveness of visual ‘software’ and visual ‘hardware’ training for athletes.
Design and Development of Accelerated Degradation Test Methodology for Hydro-Static System - NDSU Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering in partnership with Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment to conduct research that will lead to an integrated and systematic process of designing accelerated degradation test methods for hydro-static and hydraulic systems, and a data analysis module to assess system reliability based on accelerated degradation data.
Aviation Enterprise Resource Planning, Communications and Control - NDSU Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering in partnership with SmartC2, Inc. was awarded $300,000 to research and develop improvements to light aviation management software that will integrate billing, scheduling, deployment, maintenance and other needs that are currently handled either by paper based work or different software solutions that are not integrated.
Using UAS Imagery to Identify Weed Infestations in Cropland - NDSU Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering in partnership with Sentera was awarded $85,500 to identify weed infestations using sensors on unmanned aerial systems.
Applied Research - Wind Turbine Blade Inspection Technology Application - UND Tech Accelerator (or) Division of Research & Economic Development in partnership with EdgeData, LLC was awarded $450,000 to use Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) with high resolution cameras to inspect wind towers and turbines.
Valuation of Optical Sensors for Detection and Remediation of Crop Stress in North Dakota Precision Agriculture - NDSU Agribusiness & Applied Economics in partnership with Sentera was awarded $300,000 to use GPS-enabled sensors mounted on Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) to could conduct rapid mapping of sub-field variations of crop health and provide a prescriptive remedies for problem areas.

UAS Sensor Payload Development for Rescue Operations - NDSU Electrical and Computer Engineering in partnership with Cyclops Technologies, Inc. was awarded $291,784 miniaturize a through the wall sensor payload that can be operated from a small UAS.
Determining Crop Harvest Readiness Using UAV and Thermal Infrared Sensors - NDSU Research Extension Center in Carrington in partnership with IntelinAir, Inc. was awarded $62,291 to use thermal infrared sensors mounted to a hexarotor unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to collect high-resolution imagery to determine the harvest readiness of crops in the field.
Large-scale UAS Data Collection, Processing and Management for Field Crop Management - NDSU Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering in partnership with Elbit Systems of America, LLC was awarded $357,546 to collect crop data using infrared, thermal, color and multi-spectral sensors on both large and small UAS. This data will then be compared to available satellite imagery and ground data collected using similar sensors. The analysis will be done by NDSU’s Center for Computationally Assisted Science and Technology (CCAST). 
Coherent Backscattering of Cloud Particles - UND Atmospheric Sciences in partnership with Rosemount Aerospace, Inc. was awarded $300,000 to refine newly developed instruments that detect high ice concentrations in the air on commercial aircraft.
Powerline Component Failure Identification – UAS - UND School of Aerospace Sciences - Department of Space Studies in partnership with Minnkota Power Cooperative Inc. and Border States Industries Inc. was awarded $300,000 to work on a project that uses unmanned aircraft systems as a tool to conduct aerial inspections of high voltage power lines. 

Application of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) to Electric Distribution Infrastructure Damage Assessment and Restoration - UND Center for Innovation, and in partnership with Xcel Energy and Elbit Systems of America LLC, was awarded $499,891 to assess the feasibility of applying high-and low-altitude unmanned aerial system (UAS) technology coupled with advanced data modeling and analysis to improve electric distribution infrastructure damage assessment and restoration capabilities following a natural disaster.
Evaluation of Commercially Produced Ice Nuclei - UND Atmospheric Sciences in partnership with Weather Modification, Inc. was awarded $111,770 to develop a cloud-nuclei injection system and use the system to deliver cloud seeding material from burning flares into a PI cloud chamber to determine ice nuclei activation temperatures.
Management and Monitoring of Psoriasis and Melanoma Patient Treatment using Smartphones- UND Electrical Engineering and in partnership with Spectral Molecular Imaging, Inc. (SMI) and eTreat Medical Diagnostics, Inc. was awarded $300,000 to develop a tool and computer algorithms that will allow melanoma and psoriasis patients to share images, captured with their mobile devices, with their physicians for the purpose of monitoring the progression of these diseases.
Enabling UAS Operations through support of a UAS Network Infrastructure - UND Regional Weather Information Center in partnership with Harris Corporation was awarded $500,000 to research and develop safe, affordable, and scalable beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) unmanned aircraft system (UAS) network solution for civil applications.
Design and Development a low-cost, high reliability, high accuracy IMU- NDSU Computer Science in partnership with Axelo, Inc. was awarded $103,458 to design and develop a low-cost, high reliability and high accuracy inertial measurement unit (IMU). These sensors will be used in unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and autonomous vehicles.
Simulation of Hydraulic Fracturing and Re-frac Operations to Enhance Oil Production from Bakken and Three Forks Formations- UND Petroleum Engineering in partnership with McKenzie Energy Partners, LLC and Schlumberger was awarded $300,078 to build data models that will allow research of hydraulic fracturing and re-fracturing of wells in the Bakken and Three Forks formations. The results of the study will increase the level of oil recovery from these formations.
Optimization of the Production of Cyclohexasilaine (CHS) from Trichlorosilaine.- NDSU Chemistry and Biochemistry in partnership with 3DIcon Corporation was awarded $150,000 to improve the yield and purity of the key intermediate required for an economical synthesis of cyclohexasilane (CHS) an efficient ingredient for making a variety of commercially important silicon based materials including silicon quantum dots, silicon nanowires, silicon nanorods, amorphous and nanocrystalline silicon, thin films of silicon and materials for lightweight batteries and lightweight solar cells.
Additive Manufacturing for Mattress Comfort Customization – NDSU Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering in partnership with Comfort King was awarded $32,000 to study sleeping posture, digitize this information for individual users and use this information to design mattresses with variable stiffness that will be manufactured for the customer based on this information.

Converting UAS-Acquired Thermal Images into Heat Loss Cost Assessments for Infrastructure Assessment- UND Office of Research and Economic Development in partnership with SkySkopes, Inc was awarded $441,983 to demonstrate use of small UAS as a comparable platform to human-acquired energy audit data at a lower price and with equivalent or stronger data acquisition capability. The acquired thermal images will be converted into usable cost data for building maintenance decision making.

AltaAir: Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcer Using a Smart Seating System- UND Electrical Engineering in partnership with MobiSafe Systems, Inc. and Comdel Innovation, Inc. was awarded $178,000 to develop a commercially viable seating system for preventing/healing of pressure ulcers for wheelchair users.


Research ND BIO

Development of Therapeutic Ig for Influenza A: potential in poultry, canine, and human markets - UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences Department of Basic Sciences in partnership with Avianax, LLC was awarded $1,000,000 to develop anti-influenza A virus antibodies for the treatment of flu in poultry, dogs, and humans using therapeutic goose antibodies.

RD&C of Antibody Therapy for Metabolic Stimulation in Animals - UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences Department of Basic Sciences in partnership with ZymeFast Inc. was awarded $1,000,000 to utilize avian antibodies to induce more rapid weight gain, and therefore, shortened time to market for hogs.

Fast Track

None active at this point

Venture Grant Phase I

Rational antigen design for porcine circovirus strain 2 (PCV2) vaccines and diagnostics
 - NDSU Veterinary and Microbiological Sciences was awarded $99,995 to further develop a vaccine and immunoassay for porcine circovirus strain 2, one of the viruses involved in the Porcine Respiratory Disease Complex (PRDC).

Homing in on “effective” antibody responses to enhance PRRSV prophylaxis - NDSU Veterinary and Microbiological Sciences was awarded $99,965 to further develop a vaccine and immunoassay for porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus, the single most important infectious cause of economic losses to the pork industry.

Removal and Recovery of Phosphate from Eutrophic Lakes and Wastewater and Use of Recovered Phosphate as a Fertilizer - NDSU Civil and Environmental Engineering was awarded $100,000 to address the feasibility and market of potential iron cross-linked alginate beads for phosphate removal from water bodies and the subsequent use of the phosphate containing beads as a slow release fertilizer.

Development of a Mobile Medical Application for the Analysis of Hand Arthritis - UND Electrical Engineering was awarded $100,000 to would further develop a method to use a mobile application to measure and monitor anatomical changes to a hand relating to arthritis. Information from the mobile app would be shared with the patient’s health care provider to assist with their treatment.
Development of Micro Cold Spray Print System - NDSU Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering was awarded $100,000 to further develop a cold spray tool for applications such as flexible printed electronics and solar cells.
Tunable Power Amplifier for Smart Phones - NDSU Electrical and Computer Engineering was awarded $100,000 to develop a power amplifier for mobile phones that eliminates today’s key challenges of cost, size and battery-power.
New Renewable Polymers from Plant/Vegetable Oils - NDSU Coatings and Polymeric Materials was awarded $100,000 to enable production of high value and high profit specialty polymers from vegetable oils. 

Continued Development of Commercialization of Quality Characterization Technology for 3D Printing - UND Computer Science was awarded $99,954 to develop a technology that will characterize the performance of in-process 3D printing.

Development of Remote Patient Monitoring System-Vita WiPs - UND Electrical Engineering was awarded $100,000 to develop and commercialize a heart monitoring system using smartphones with no battery on the sensors side and no wire connection.

Radio Frequency Wireless Power for Industrial Sensors - UND Electrical Engineering was awarded $100,000 to demonstrate a proof-of-concept of wirelessly powering industrial sensors through radio frequency (RF) at a distance and prototyping a power reception module system for industrial sensors.

SmartSealz: Pilot/Operator Navigation Augmentation and Physiological Monitoring Headset - UND Electrical Engineering was awarded $100,000 to develop a modified aviation headset which will measure physiological data from the operator, and deviations in the planned route and provide warnings to the operator based that data via tactile feedback.

ElectroMagnetic Inducible Digital Protein Expression Switch or EMID ProSwitch - NDSU Electrical and Computer Engineering was awarded $100,000 to refine the use of radio frequency (RF) to induce gene expression which has the potential to generate profound changes in the biotech and drug delivery fields, and revolutionize medical treatment.

Development of Intelligent Integrated Networks for Rapid Pipelines Damage Detection and Health Monitoring - NDSU Civil and Environmental Engineering was awarded $100,000 to develop a network of sensors for the effective and rapid pipeline damage detection and health monitoring.

Development of novel anti-microbial materials for clinical and food processing applications - NDSU Veterinary and Microbiological Sciences was awarded $100,000 to develop materials with biofilm inhibiting properties that can be used in multiple applications, including medical devices and food processing.

2,3-Butanediol Production via Fermentation, an Alternative Route to Chemical Synthesis, Using Synthesis Gas from Lignite Coal Gasification - UND Chemical Engineering was awarded $100,000 to refine a process to convert syngas, from lignite coal gasification, into 1,3-Butadiene (1,3-BD) which is used in the production of rubber and nylon.

Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Support to Environmental Assessments for Industry Applications - UND Biology was awarded $99,976 to develop automated aerial survey methods for use in environmental study applications.

Commercialization of Novel Lignin Reinforced Bioplastics by Using Game Changing Additive Manufacturing Practices - UND Mechanical Engineering was awarded $99,852 to develop specialized products by using sustainable and novel bioplastics. 

Soy Based Road Dust Suppressant Scale Up and Field Testing - NDSU Office of Research and Creative Activity was awarded $100,000 to further develop an environmentally friendly dust suppression agent for gravel roads that is derived from waste glycerol and soybean oil.

An innovative approach to heal nonunion bone defects in humans - NDSU Civil & Environmental Engineering was awarded $100,000 to conduct research using novel biomaterials and scaffolds for bone tissue regeneration.

New Sustainable Concrete for North Dakota - NDSU Construction Management and Engineering was awarded $72,250 to develop methods for promoting partial replacement of Portland limestone cement with fly ash in concrete.

Low-Cost Self-Cooling for Microchips Using Advanced Composite Coating - NDSU Electrical and Computer Engineering was awarded $100,000 to develop a novel low-cost self-cooling technology using advanced phase change materials based graphite composite to passively control thermal transport in computer microchips.

Development of A Novel Carbon Adsorbent for Removal of Pharmaceuticals, Herbicides and Other Emerging Contaminants from Drinking Water - UND Civil Engineering and Chemistry was awarded $84,890 to develop and experiment with a novel oxidized carbon adsorbent, produced from agricultural biomass that can remove contaminants from drinking water in a cost effective manner.

Discovery and development new cancer therapeutic drugs via inhibiting D5D and targeting over-expressed COX-2 – NDSU Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences was awarded $100,000 to develop a new drug entity (NDE) that can effectively inhibit delta-5-desaturase (D5D), as a new type of cancer therapy.

Detection of Blockage in Petroleum Pipelines– UND Petroleum Engineering was awarded $99,932 to apply mathematical models to data from sensors in petroleum pipelines to determine the location and severity of blockages that may exist.

Assessing the clinical feasibility and FDA approval pathway for a new antimicrobial bone filling putty– NDSU Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences was awarded $100,000 to develop an antibiotic releasing, biodegradable putty to be used as a bone void filler that will reduce infection associated with surgically or traumatically induced orthopedic defects.

Development of Low-Cost Portable Embedded Device for Welding Quality Monitoring – NDSU Electrical and Computer Engineering was awarded $100,000 to develop a low-cost portable embedded device to support advanced machine learning algorithms for real-time welding image processing.

Ultra High Density Power Conversion Systems using Gallium Nitride Power Devices – NDSU Electrical and Computer Engineering was awarded $100,000 to a Gallium Nitride (GaN) based power converter that provides high efficiency and high power density that is more efficient than current silicon power semiconductor devices.

An Integrated Software Package for Data Processing, Modeling and Simulation of Unconventional Reservoirs– UND Petroleum Engineering was awarded $100,000 to assess the business potential for a user-friendly, interactive software package suitable for performing data processing, modelling, and simulation (DPMS) of unconventional shale oil reservoirs in ND.


Venture Grant Phase I/II

A Low Cost and Reproducible Synthetic Procedure for Mass Production of Lithium ion batteries - UND College of Engineering & Mines - Institutes for Energy Studies in partnership with Clean Republic LLC was awarded $148,105 to develop a low cost, environmentally benign, reproducible and up-scalable synthetic procedure for lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cathode material for the improved performance in its lithium battery packs.

Venture Grant Phase II

Sensing Earth Environment Directly (SEED) Sensor - Phase II - NDSU Mechanical Engineering in partnership with c2sensor corporation was awarded $150,000 continue developing the SEED Sensor to directly monitor the soil environment. In its final form, the SEED Sensor will be the size of an acorn and developed from both bio-based and bio-inert materials.
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