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The manufacturing sector is alive and well in North Dakota - look no further than Caterpillar, Inc. and its "Now Hiring" sign outside the facility.

"We've been in a hiring mode for well over a year, now," says Dan Walerius, general manager of the company's drivetrain component remanufacturing facility. "We've had a two-year cycle of unprecedented growth, so we've been adding a lot of staff."successstories_cat_final.jpg

Open positions vary in skill set from welders and machinists to engineers and accountants. The North Dakota facility is currently the only Caterpillar drivetrain component remanufacturer, although similar facilities in Asia and Europe are scheduled to open in 2012. Recent growth in the mining industry and a favorable corporate business climate in North Dakota were catalysts in Caterpillar's decision to expand the existing location.

"Caterpillar has a lot of opportunities for expanding anywhere in the world; North Dakota certainly wasn't their only option," Walerius says. "The skills of the people here and the fact the state and local communities are pro-business all led to the decision that, yes, this is the place we want to expand."

The $50 million, 225,000 square-foot addition is expected to be completed by June 2012, tripling the facility size and adding up to 250 jobs.

"North Dakota has an environment that businesses feel is conducive to innovation and growth," Walerius says. "It is part of a culture we have here of welcoming businesses and collaborating with the businesses."

To learn more about doing business better in North Dakota visit www.NDBusiness.com.
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