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Diligence, precision, adaptability, and efficiency are the trademarks of Aldevron, a North Dakota-based organization that specializes in plasmid DNA, protein production and antibody technologies.

"We make DNA," says Michael Chambers, President and CEO of Aldevron. "DNA is used for many applications: drug development, biotechnology, pharmaceutical sciences, agriculture and many other applications." The company's core product is used to support vaccine and oncology research. "A lot of our material is used in diagnostic kits around the world, detecting diseases before people get sick," says Chambers.Aldevronprint.jpg

As a student at North Dakota State University, Chambers studied biotechnology and a course in DNA vaccines led to the development of Aldevron in 2000. The company now has three facilities in Fargo with additional facilities in Madison, WI, and Freiburg, Germany. As the biotech industry continues to grow, Aldevron is capitalizing on its strong reputation and long list of regular clientele with expansions in both Fargo, ND and Madison, WI.

Although Aldevron is a global company, the decision to remain headquartered in Fargo was an easy one for Chambers. "The business costs are low, and we have a good work ethic. The educational system in North Dakota, and especially the relationships with the universities, is good; it's nice to have access to those groups." Aldevron has worked with the North Dakota Department of Commerce's Centers of Excellence program, which partners private businesses with the research capacities of the state's university system to generate jobs and new business opportunities. Presently Aldevron is working with a Center of Excellence program to develop antibody therapeutics for infectious diseases like West Nile and avian flu.

With eastern North Dakota becoming a hub for biopharmaceutical research, Chambers sees the company's location in the state as a key aspect of their continued growth. "Residing in North Dakota is central to our success," says Chambers. "This is a state like no other. I don't think we could have done what we've done anywhere else."

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