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Success Stories

From manufacturing to energy, tourism to agriculture, businesses in a wide range of industries are finding success in North Dakota. Learn more about how North Dakota is doing business better by viewing the features below.


Spectrum Aeromed

"We don't need to show entrepreneurs how to do things. We need to set up programs and then let them be successful. I think that's what really happens in North Dakota."


"North Dakota has an environment that businesses feel is conducive to innovation and growth."

Enchanted Castle

"Regent hasn't gotten any bigger, so we know the Enchanted Highway had its influence."


United Pulse

"Of all the areas where we've expanded, North Dakota has really been one of the best places."
Great River Energy

"North Dakota is such a great state, from the Governor on down, because they ask how they can help with a project. It's the North Dakota spirit, the North Dakota way."


"The educational system in North Dakota, and especially the relationships with the universities, is good; it's nice to have access to those groups."

Blaise Energy

"By working directly with state leadership, we are providing real solutions to address the challenge of flaring in North Dakota"

Couteau des Prairies

"We've had other agricultural groups visit our farm over the years and they've said, ‘Wow, there's so much more going on here than we realized."

Field of View

"A business involved in both UAS and agriculture couldn't find a better place than North Dakota."


"I've worked in many industries, so I knew there would be a lot of uses for this, but it's gone far beyond that."
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