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APUC to Review Funding Requests Totaling $489,317
Post Date: Oct 26 2015

By ND Commerce
The North Dakota Agricultural Products Utilization Commission (APUC) will review funding requests for seven projects totaling $489,317 at its quarterly meeting November 19th in Minot.

APUC is a committee of the North Dakota Department of Commerce that administers grant programs for researching and developing new and expanded uses for North Dakota agricultural products. The grants can be used for basic and applied research, marketing and utilization, farm diversification, nature-based agritourism, prototype and technology and technical assistance.

The following requests will be reviewed:
  •  LL International, LLC (Bismarck) is requesting $5,250 to identify markets for North Dakota commodities such as oilseeds, oilseed oils and pulse crops. It will also introduce new specialty crop products and uses for foreign markets. Contact Larry White at (701) 471-4698.
  • Tereza Kozubikova and Miroslv Sumbera (Bismarck) are requesting $119,500 to launch the state's first cold weather hardy grapevines nursery at Chateau Moravia. Contact Tereza Kozubikova at (701) 255-1052.
  • NDSU Department of Veterinary & Microbiological Sciences (Fargo) is requesting $74,787 to modify a first novel anti-microbial biomaterial. This modification will allow the biomaterial to be more effective against a broader range of pathogens. Contact Dr. Birgit Pruess at (701) 231-7848.
  • Amity Technology, LLC (Fargo) is requesting $162,000 to build a demonstration plant that can lead to the commercialization of a patented process which converts North Dakota agricultural waste into high value industrial chemicals. Contact Marc Ziesmann at (701) 237-2144.
  • Field of View, LLC (Grand Forks) is requesting $18,080 to develop a thermal aerial mapping payload that is equipped with a high-accuracy GPS receiver. Contact David Dvorak at (701) 203-3757.
  • Nick Mathern (Edgeley) is requesting $14,700 to produce a product to test moisture levels in cereal grains via a mobile application and reader which is compatible with smartphones. The device will calculate and display the amount of moisture as well as temperature of grain. Contact Nick Mathern at (701) 709-0102.
  • Agri Bio Systems LLC (Fargo) is requesting $95,000 to research and find value-added applications for agricultural waste streams. Contact Robert Ryan at 612-708-0361.
APUC is an office within Economic Development and Finance, a division of the North Dakota Department of Commerce.

For additional program information please visit North Dakota APUC at www.NDAPUC.com or find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/NDAPUC
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