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Census Population

Census 2010 has population data based on the latest decennial census, or headcount 2010censuslogo.jpgtaken once every 10 years. These numbers reflect an actual count of the population.
Census 2010 used only the "short form" questionnaire with room for household count and a few simple demographics like age, gender, race, and housing tenure (own/rent).

Population Finder

Population Finder is a web tool to get population data based on the 2010 Census. Generates a "mini" profile of the geography chosen. Use the drop-downs on the left side of the page to select areas within the state.

Population Estimates

Population Estimates are released on an annual basis and reflect an "estimated" population of each state, county, and city as of July 1.

2017 Community Estimates

2017 County Estimates

2017 County Estimates - Components of Change

2017 County Estimates - Housing Units

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