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Map Gallery - Dynamic

Dynamic Map Gallery

Various dynamic maps of North Dakota's population and demography created with the use of ESRI's ArcGIS Online software.

2017 Population Estimates by County

Click a county for more information.  Based on data from the 2017 Population Estimates and the 2010 Census.

Block Boundary Comparison

Swipe application to compare block boundaries from the 2010 Census to those currently proposed for the 2020 Census.

2020 Proposed Block Boundaries

Web map of the currently proposed block boundaries for the 2020 Census.

2010 Block Boundaries

Web map of the block boundaries used in the 2010 Census.

2013 Median Income by County

Click the county of interest for details.

2013 Three Year ACS

Highlights of the 2013 Three Year American Community Survey.  Click a highlighted county to get more details.  All the other counties have data from the 2013 Population Estimates Program.  For counties with both, click the "Next Feature" button in the upper right corner of the popup.
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